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Configuration, Management and Deployment Services

What does DevOps mean for my business?

DevOps helps to unite the development and operational teams by implementing automation and standardisation of business processes, such as infrastructure deployment, software development, testing, quality assurance and business continuity.

The benefits of DevOps to your business include higher operational efficiency, increased agility, faster time to market, improved quality and better intercompany communication.

As a result of successful DevOps, your business benefits from increased profitability and more time to focus on business objectives.

Key objectives of DevOps

Improved Culture and Communication

Helping to improve culture by promoting improved collaboration between traditional development and operational teams. DevOps helps to promote inclusion of all teams in order to successfully deliver applications and improved business processes.

Predicable Growth using Automation Tools

The process management and automation tools used within DevOps creates a predictable growth strategy, in a proactive manner. Teams can focus on future objectives with less reactive "fire fighting". It promotes sales and marketing departments to communicate their objectives, which are then factored into the DevOps strategy.

Happier Customers with Measurable Service Delivery Improvements

DevOps also includes continuous monitoring of services and applications. Measure trends, performance and security 24/7 and react to changes quickly and effectively. Scale up during peaks and scale back during quieter periods. A proactive approach to measuring performance ensures your customers remain satisfied with the service levels you provide.

Sharing and Innovation

A more communicative and inclusive culture promotes sharing of ideas and innovation. Using DevOps tools, quickly spin up research labs and test environments. Try new ideas and build proof of concepts quicker and more cost effectively.

We provide guidance, training and support for end-to-end agile release management.

Software Support

Fully supporting all major Linux operating systems, including Red Hat, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, SuSE and Debian.

Web Services Support

Guidance on developing, deploying and supporting web services (SOAP/REST) and queue platforms (ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ and more).

Database Management

Expert hands-on architecture, guidance and support with operating relational and NoSQL databases, such as MySQL and MongoDB.

Performance Auditing and Debugging

Fully supporting all major Linux operating systems, including Red Hat, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, SuSE and Debian.

Programming Language Support

Our in-house programming team provide expert guidance on a range of programming languages, including PHP, Python, C, C#, Haskell, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 and more.

Deployment Automation

We support managing deployment automation using Puppet, Chef, Ansible or OpsWorks

Applications, Programming Languages and Operating Systems we support
Custom Web Applications
Custom Web Applications
Programming Languages
PHP, Python, Node.JS, Haskell, Java, Javascript and more
Web Servers
NGINX, Apache2, TomCat
Software Frameworks
CodeIgnighter, Laravel, Lumen, Symfony, Silex, Zend
DevOps Tools
GIT, SVN, GitLab, GitHub, Scrum/Agile Tooling, JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins
Log Management
Cloud Management
Auto Scale, Puppet Manifest Deployments
Clustered File System
CephFS, Gluster, GFS2
SOLR, Sphinx
NGINX, Memcached, Redis, MongoDB In Memory Storage
Operating Systems
Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Amazon Linux

"We stumbled across Buckhill after searching online for someone to support our FreeBSD internal servers as we didn't have the expertise in-house. We have since used Buckhill for various tasks including the migration from internal servers to Amazon Web Services. We found this process to be extremely professional and a smooth process. This has positively impacted the business meaning we have robust systems that outperforms our old servers, this has also translated into additional revenue for the business. The technical expertise within the team at Buckhill is far above any other agency that we have dealt with, this means that we can always rely on Buckhill to provide the very best solution for any issues we have. We now treat Buckhill as part of the in-house Digital Marketing team."

Farhan Hussain
Head of Digital Marketing
NRS Healthcare

"Buckhill were very helpful scoping up a vastly improved and flexible server environment - from the very first phone call we were able to define the problem and agree on a route towards solution. The project was completed with the minimum of fuss, on time and on budget. Real time technical support was available throughout the process and we now have a vastly improved operational environment that is future proofed for our strategic objectives. We are very happy with the results and have quickly realised the ROI."

Iain Wilcox
Marketing Director
Digitonic, UK

"Buckhill are an outstanding service supplier. They have considerable Linux knowledge and experience which has enabled them to successfully undertake a number of complicated migrations and platform designs for us. They do what they say they're going to do when they say they’re going to do it and challenges are never problems. These qualities are rare."

Daniel Cuthbert
Information Services Manager
The Scouts Association

"Working with Buckhill was a pleasure. Right from the consultation process, through to their depths of knowledge & obvious enterprise experience - I would have no hesitation recommending their services."

Reece Griffin
Technical Director
TBA Digital, Canada

"We are delighted with our choice of service provider, and have nothing but good things to say about Buckhill. Stuart and his team have acted with a high level of professionalism and competence in all respects. We cannot recommend them highly enough."

Matthew Dickinson