There are additional debug routes built into AuthStack, which are available to administrators only, once logged in to AuthStack admin area.


OpCache stores precompiled script bytecode in the memory. As each PHP script is being compiled at runtime, a part of the execution time gets used for transforming the human readable code into code that can be understood by the machine.OpCache does it only once during the first execution of a specific PHP file. Then the precompiled script is being stored in memory, which should lead to performance boosts. This debug console allows you to view and monitor the OpCache to ensure AuthStack runs as quickly as possible. The debug console allows for real-time updates and clearing of cache, if required.



PHPInfo shows a complete breakdown of the PHP setup on the server, including modules and versions.



Decompose is a system utility for discovering all the PHP software packages and versions which AuthStack uses. It presents Laravel environment and server information.

Clicking Get System Report will load a small textarea with a subset of important data.



Session provides a dump of your current session information, including all profiles currently logged in along with associated information.


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