How To Update License

There are three methods for updating your license within AuthStack.

Updating via GUI

The quickest and easiest way to update your AuthStack license file is via the GUI.

Login to the AuthStack administration console and navigate to System Settings -> License Settings.


If you are an administrator, there is also a quick link available from the profile page.

Updating via CLI

If you have installed the authstack-ctl package, then various functions are made available to you from within the command line.

To update or install a new license, copy your new LICENSE file to the root of your AuthStack installation directory, then perform the following command:

authstack-ctl update:license LICENSE

The third parameter is the path to the license file.

Updating via DB

In order to perform a license update directly into the database, run the following query, entering your license string into the query example below. Please take note of the USE statement and replace with your database name if required.

USE authstack;

UPDATE config SET cfg_value = '{"license": "yourkeyhere"}' WHERE cfg_name = 'license';

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