Installing CLI tools

AuthStack ships with a shell script containing useful tools for administrators. By default this script is located within the root of AuthStack and is not globally available. You can either execute the shell script directly as required or enable it globally.

Installing Locally

If you do not plan to make the tools available globally, simply add execution permissions to the shell script:

chmod +x authstack-ctl

You may then execute commands in the following way, but you must add the path to the file if the tools are not installed globally

./authstack-ctl yourcommand

Installing Globally

Installing the CLI tools globally means you will have access to the authstack-ctl command from anywhere, saving time and being more convenient.

We need to set new environment variables to your environments file.

Within Ubuntu, run the following command, replacing youridp.co.uk with your own web path.

echo -ne "AUTHSTACK_HOME='/var/www/youridp.co.uk/www'\nexport AUTHSTACK_HOME" | sudo tee -a /etc/environment

Reload environment variables by executing the following command:

source /etc/environment

Next, copy authstack-ctl from root of AuthStack installation to your user bin folder

For Ubuntu:

cp authstack-ctl /usr/local/bin/authstack-ctl

Set correct permissions:

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/authstack-ctl

You should now be able to execute commands by typing authstack-ctl anywhere.
Let's check by asking AuthStack what version it is:

authstack-ctl version

The AuthStack version number should be displayed.

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