Source Open Libraries

Both AuthStack and MFAStack operate a source open policy for critical authentication libraries.

These source open libraries operate under the Buckhill Proprietary Software Licence model, allowing for auditing and security checking, which is often difficult with closed source or SaaS based solutions.

We aim to provide the highest level of security and compliance to our customers, having struck a balance between what is deemed commercially sensitive versus allowing open access to certain parts of our software.

We aim to build confidence through transparent engineering, allowing critical libraries to be scrutinised in a much more granular way than perhaps with our closed source competitors.

List of source open libraries

  • AuthStack/ConnectorFramework (Service Provider bundle for consuming AuthStack AuthN responses)
  • MFAStack/rfc4226 (RFC 4226 OTP validation library - counter-based OTP)
  • MFAStack/rfc6238 (RFC 6238 OTP validation library - counter-based OTP)
  • MFAStack/U2F (Universal 2nd Factor Parser / Validator library)
  • MFAStack/Yubikey (Yubico OTP parser library)

List of open source projects used by AuthStack and MFAStack

Third Party Program Licences

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