System Requirements

The AuthStack system requirements will change depending on the use case, number of concurrent users and whether high availability is required.

Authstack consists of 3 elements, each of which is horizontally scalable and can support redundancy and high availability.

The 3 individual elements are, GUI, application code and MySQL database.

Operating System

AuthStack works only on Linux-based operating system(s). This requirement is by design and is unlikely to change.

Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Red Hat are certified OS's for AuthStack.

However, any flavor of Linux should work, if nginx, php and MySQL are installed (meeting the minimum requirements). This is not officially supported by us.

Software URL Version
Ubuntu www.ubuntu.com/ >= 16.04
Debian www.debian.org >= 8.0
CentOS www.centos.org >= 7.0
Red Hat Enterprise Linux www.redhat.com >= 7.0

Software Requirements

AuthStack can be hosted on 1 server (virtual or physical) with all 3 dependencies installed together, or spread across any number of server(s).

Software Versions

Software URL Version Description
NGINX http server www.nginx.org >= 1.10 NGINX is a modern, event driven HTTP server and HTTP proxy. HTTP/2 is now supported.
PHP www.php.net >=5.6 <7.0 PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially well suited to web development.
MySQL www.mysql.com >= 5.7 MySQL is the world's most popular open source relational database.

Hardware Requirements

This hardware requirement is for the most basic setup where all 3 elements are installed on the same machine.

1 Core 2.0 GhZ 2 GB >= 300 IOPS, 20GB free space

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