Upgrade Guide

Various commands exists within the AuthStack CLI tool authstack-ctl to assist with upgrading.

To check your current version and compare that with the latest available version, run the following command:

authstack-ctl version-check

If an upgrade is required you will be notified by the version check.

To execute an upgrade to the latest version, run the following command:

authstack-ctl upgrade

The upgrade process will perform the following functions:

  1. Pull the latest tagged code from the version control repository
  2. Prompt you to update the database and perform this automatically if instructed
  3. Upgrade the database (using migration scripts)
  4. If the upgrade fails, there will be an option to revert to the pre-upgrade version

The upgrade process writes all changes, including failures, to a log, which is available from within the log folder of the application.


To upgrade to a specific version, add a parameter after the upgrade command:

authstack-ctl upgrade 2.1

Please note this command does not support downgrading.

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