What is AuthStack

AuthStack is a host anywhere, Enterprise grade, Single Sign-On (SSO) and Identity Management (IAM) System with support for SAML 2.0. It assumes responsibility for logging in users to your own, and optionally third party websites and applications.

Rather than managing multiple different logins for each website and application, AuthStack centralises your user identity management so the user only has to login once and maintain one password and profile.

Integration with AuthStack requires no custom coding if your website or application already supports SAML. If SAML is not supported we provide a Connector Framework, free of charge. We can also help you integrate the Connector if required.

There is also no need to migrate your existing user database(s). AuthStack can use the Connector Framework to communicate with any LDAP and/or REST API to check credentials from existing user databases.

The Authentication Flow


Apps Supporting SAML


... plus many more. It has been reported that 97% of Enterprise and SaaS applications now support SAML.

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AuthStack is written in PHP (Laravel Framework) and uses JSPM and SystemJS libraries for the UI.

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