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Buckhill provide consultancy & support for Data Backup requirements, Disaster Recovery Planning, and helping organisations have an effective Business Continuity plan in place.

Whether you are following recognised standards for example ISO 22301, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, or just wish to implement a simple common sense approach to ensuring your business stays operational under all conditions, we can provide guidance and if requested, appropriate solutions.

When is a data backup not a data backup?

In order for a data backup to be effective, it has to be testable, accessible, up to date and usable. Should it fail to meet any of these criteria, it should not be classed as a backup.

Testable Data Backups

All backups must be verifiable as good to use and free from corruption. Ideally a regular automated test mechanism will be in use, however in the case of a small amount of data, a manual process may suffice. The main point is to ensure you are confident about your data backup.

Accessible Data Backups

As standard practice, we recommend all data is backed up to a minimum of two separate locations and on different networks. With the advent of cloud computing, secure off-site storage of small to very large volumes of data is now highly economical and simple to implement. Such an off-site facility will dispense with the often inconvenient and less secure storage of backups written to portable media, such as tapes, disks or external drives.

In order to maintain consistent records and remain operational, there is only one data backup that counts, and it must be accessible quickly and fully tested.

Are your data backups up to date, and do you know what information you may lose should disaster strike between backups?

You will only know how effective your Disaster Recovery Plan is, once it is being used at the point of crisis. Therefore it is vital that your Disaster Recovery plan should be able to be tested on a regular basis, and without unduly disrupting your business.

Hopefully you have adequate insurance in place to cover the physical assets of your business, but the one thing insurance cannot replace, is your business data.

Therefore, your business data needs a plan all of its own, to ensure it is safe but accessible at all times. Your Data Backup and Recovery Plan can then be integrated into your general Business Continuity Plan.

Human error, hardware faults, malicious acts or site disasters can have a detrimental impact on your business.

Disaster Recovery is a co-ordinated plan enabling organisations to recover their IT/business systems from a disaster such as IT failure, fire, floods, vandalism or terrorism. Restoring your business operations either on-site or at a different location using alternate equipment is critical.

We may speak the same language, but do we all mean the same thing...

Just to clarify what we provide and the value we offer, here is our interpretation of the common usage terms in this section:


Means ALL electronic and hard copy (printed) data in machine readable and human readable form. Including but not limited to; emails, accounts, all databases and records, software, images, supplier transaction documents, diary notes and events, to do lists, contact lists, postal letters.

Data Backup

Means a copy (or copies) of ALL company electronic data that is stored in a separate geographic location to where it is generated, received or interacted with on a regular basis.


Means any event that befalls an organisation that can have an adverse effect on its ability to function.

Disaster Recovery Plan

A documented procedure to enable an organisation to recover to full operational capability from sustaining a disaster event, and to protect the organisations assets.

Business Continuity

Is the ongoing activity undertaken to ensure resilience against disruptive influences and risk mitigation.

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