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MFAStack - Multi-factor Authentication

The password has expired, long live the password

Static passwords are no longer enough to protect your users and applications from malicious attacks. Simple passwords are easily guessed and brute force attacked, while complex passwords are difficult to remember and still vulnerable to social engineering and keylogging malware.

MFAStack increases the security of your applications and websites by requiring a valid one-time-password or successful challenge-response in addition to the normal username and password. By removing the dependency on static passwords, many cyber-attack vectors can be mitigated.

MFAStack can be easily integrated into your apps and websites, with integration examples provided within the knowledge base. If MFAStack is used in conjunction with AuthStack, then no coding is required to enable Multi-Factor authentication.

The authentication and multi-factor flow for users

How Multi-factor authentication works

MFAStack is designed to work in conjunction with your existing software, providing Multi-Factor Authentication via a simple REST API. In the above example, the MFAStack API is called during the login process and a one-time password prompt is presented to the user. If the user successfully validates against both MFAStack and the user system, they are logged in.

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Reasons for implementing multi-factor authentication within your software

Gain and keep users trust in your product

Gain and keep users trust in your product

It is important that your users feel you are doing everything you can, as a provider, to secure their data. By implementing multi-factor authentication you are adding an additional layer of security which can protect them if their password has been compromised in any way, with or without their knowledge. With multi-factor adoption growing expontentially, many users are already familiar with the setup process, and will feel more confident seeing and using the added security safeguards you provide.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Many industries are heavily regulated with regards to DPA (Data protection act) and other legislation connected to data security. Data breaches can result in large fines and restrictions on business. Regulatory agencies recognise that static passwords are easy to compromise and are heavily promoting the use of strong authentication access to identifiable information. MFAStack can help your organisation secure accessible data and limit your exposure to threats both internally and externally.

Protects against phishing attacks

Protects against phishing attacks

Without your physical device (or phone, if using software based one-time passwords), attackers cannot pretend to be you in order to gain access to corporate networks, email systems, financial services and so on. Even if a key logger tracks and records your password, and even if it records your one-time password being input, the remote attacker cannot reuse this data to login.

Safeguard your reputation and convert more sales

Safeguard your reputation and convert more sales

With many hacks now being made public, the damage to your reputation could be worse than the hack itself. Investing in security and protecting your users data is a strong selling point, and can be leveraged by both sales and marketing departments to help convert sales from competitors who lag behind.

Multi-factor goes beyond just logging in

Multi-factor goes beyond just logging in

There are many situations where users can be prompted to elevated privileges, for example, when trying to delete data or accessing sensitive areas such as accounting or customer records. This can help protect against session hi-jacking, or an employee who simply forgot to lock their desktop when stepping away from their desk. Multi-factor provides a quick and convenient way to stop malicious access to sensitive parts of your system and provide an extra barrier of security beyond logging in.

Key Features of MFAStack

Provides Multi-Factor Authentication

MFAStack can be configured for a 2 (or more) step process, supporting all major OTP and U2F protocols. See a list of supported hardware and software.

Integrates with any App & Website

Add Multi-Factor Authentication to your login process using a simple REST API. We provide free SDKs, documentation and support to help you integrate.

Host anywhere, not SaaS

A host anywhere platform, designed for security conscious Enterprises who wish to retain complete control of their data. If required, we also provide Secure Hosting and Managed Services.


MFAStack operates under your own domain and provides various white label and templating options. Easily change the look and feel with basic HTML and CSS changes.


Nearly all management facilities are available via a comprehensive GUI for simple day to day management. There is also support for self-provisioning and automatic deployments.


Built using the latest, scalable web technology, MFAStack can work in both small and large environments, able to scale as required and operate within a Cloud or local environment.

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Some of the applications and hardware devices MFAStack supports

Some of the popular applications and hardware MFAStack supports
Support for the latest Multi-factor protocols, including various OTP and U2F types

Integration with MFAStack is very straightforward and can typically be performed in less than an hour when using the approved connector.

We're actively developing plugins for the most popular applications to enable a zero code integration process.

Do you have questions regarding integration?

MFAStack Connector Framework

Provided free of charge and designed to help you seamlessly integrate your website or application into MFAStack

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