MFAStack pre-purchase FAQs

What authentication protocols does MFAStack support?

MFAStack support Yubico OTP, Yubico-OATH, RFC 4226 counter based, RFC 6238 time based and FIDO U2F.

Can multiple challenges be issued? (More than 2-factor)

Yes, MFAStack supports any number of keys per user, so it's possible to call multiple times before logging in or calling elevated privileges. For example, two (or more) different devices could be checked in order to approve the transfer of money or the deleting of sensitive information.

How can MFAStack be installed and deployed?

MFAStack can be installed in a number of ways. We provide pre-created VM images which can work on Docker, LXE and VMWare. Installation can also be performed with Ansible, Puppet, or by manually by pulling the latest stable release via GIT. Optionally, we can perform the installation for you and manage the server(s) and operating system(s).

Where are the downloads located?

MFAStack downloads are available via your customer control panel.

Do you offer a fully managed service?

Yes, we provide options to install, configure, monitor and manage the server operating system and MFAStack itself.

Managed Services pricing starts from 190€ per month per server, plus taxes where applicable.

Please contact us for more information.

What is the difference between UAT/Staging and Inhouse development licenses?

UAT and Staging are typically hosted online, either on the same server(s) as production, running under a different virtual host, or within the same network/cluster. Inhouse development licences run locally on a developer's machine and are used to extend or integrate with MFAStack.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payment by card and bank transfer. We accept Euro, Dollar and GBP. If you wish to pay in dollars or GBP then we will charge according to the current exchange rate. When paying by bank transfer your order will be manually verified and an invoice sent to you with all the details attached.

Can a licence be upgraded?

Yes, licenses can be upgraded at any time, contact us for more information.

Can we buy a perpetual licence?

MFAStack and AuthStack are security products, therefore we continuously invest in security research, improvements, penetration testing and risk assessments to help us effectively manage the latest threats in web security. In much the same way your anti-virus must remain up to date to be effective, your IAM system must also remain up to date in order to be secure and maintain usability. Therefore to enable us to continue to support our customers and their mission critical infrastructure we have adopted a renewable licence model, to ensure we have resources in place to fulfil our commitments to this solution.

Do you provide custom development services?

Both MFAStack and AuthStack offer integration and extension capabilities. Whether you are looking to connect to the MFAStack REST API or create new authentication drivers for AuthStack, we provide consultancy and development services.

Our development services are backed by our quality assurance, with any bugs or issues resolved without additional cost. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Where can the user and administration guides be located?

Installation, user management and administration guides can be found at the knowledge base.

Have more questions?

If you have any further questions not covered here, please feel free to contact us.

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