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Protocols are important as they dictate the level and type of encryption possible between your user and your server handling SSL handshaking (TLS, SSL). Generally the newer protocol the better, with the latest being TLS 1.2. Some older protocols have been depreciated and should not be used as they have been compromised.

Cipher suites are various encryption methods within each protocol. Some of these cipher suites have been deprecated (SSL2) and should not be used.

We will check what level of encryption and what ciphers are supported by your SSL certificate within various operating systems and devices.

It is critical that your SSL certificate and server(s) are configured correctly in order to mitigate known attacks, such as Heartbleed and Poodle, among others. We will be checking against various security checks to ensure there are no obvious security flaws.

Providing information about the web server and HTTP request.

Providing information about the HTTP status codes, test date and time.

Providing information about the SSL valid from and to dates, additional SSL options such as Extended Validation and whether the SSL has been revoked and is still trusted.

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