The sales and account management team perform a range of roles, from collaborating with marketing on competitor research, through to managing the sales pipeline, software demonstrations, technical pre-sales, client RFPs and relationship management.

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What you'll be doing

  • Sales Pipeline and Channels
    Identifying, creating and refining the sales pipeline model. Identifying and establishing sales channels with partner organisations. Organising and managing the sales process, from initial contact through to signature of heads of terms and MSAs.

  • Research
    Researching the technical and commercial needs of prospective clients and partners. Documenting how competitor systems map to existing Buckhill products and what the capability gaps are. Identifying who prospective clients and partners are, via persona definitions. Using research insights to help the marketing team formulate campaign ideas and assisting the technical teams shape future development of Buckhill products.

  • Sales Pitch and Demonstration
    Creating a standard sales pitch and playbook which incorporates known research, value proposition(s) and addresses sales channels directly.

  • Technical Pre-Sales
    Creating and defining the product demonstration process. Ensuring that the product demonstration process has a defined playbook. Liaising with the Solutions and DevOps teams to ensure a standard demonstration environment, that is readily available to all who require it.

  • Managing RFPs
    Creating standard client response templates and playbooks. Managing responses via the client lifecycle, in collaboration with the Account Management team.

  • Client Relationship Management
    Defining and identifying what CRM system(s) should be used and how they are used. Creating CRM processes and procedures that ensure all CRM records are accurate and informative.

  • Working with the FinTech and InsurTech Industries
    Working with cutting-edge technology on exciting digital transformation projects with the FinTech/InsurTech space.

  • Learn more about our hiring process and career progression plan.

We're looking for

  • Communication
    An honest and direct communicator who is clear, concise and doesn't use unnecessary terminology.

  • Attitude
    An individual who wants to fix problems, rather than delegate them to others.

  • Organisation
    Someone who organises and plans their time effectively. Can work asynchronously, reserving face to face communication for those events that require it.

  • Cooperation
    Understands that teams solve problems, with each individual member of the team being a contributor to the solution.

  • Productivity
    Values time as the most expensive and least available resource. Automates any process that soaks up our time.

  • Malleability
    Assumes that constant technical change is the norm, not the exception.

  • Punctuality
    Keeps to working hours and is effective during those hours.

  • Respect
    Knows that everyone in an organisation is there to support each other and achieve a common goal. Respects the boundaries of their role and that of others.

  • Learn more about our hiring process and career progression plan.

Experience and Qualifications

  • SaaS / PaaS Experience
    Previous experience selling SaaS or PaaS and understanding recurring revenue business models is a requirement.

  • Enterprise Sales Experience
    Proven track record working in a software company sales team.

  • Building and Maintaining an Ecosystem
    Willing to work on long-term projects, rather than short-term agency work. Typically the sales process for some Enterprise clients may take >6 months. Experience handling complex pre-sales engagement process and comfortable with delegating and monitoring legal and compliance requirements.

  • Language Skills
    Advanced knowledge of English, both spoken and written.

  • Learning
    Willing to learn and improve on a daily basis and maintain intellectual curiosity.

  • Specific experience and qualifications will depend on the level you're applying for.

Benefits you get when you join our team

We offer several benefits alongside a commitment to pushing the boundaries, focusing on work-life balance.
A friendly and supportive team

A friendly and supportive team

We encourage building healthy relationships in our teams, where knowledge-sharing is essential, everyone's voice is heard, and all ideas are considered.

A healthy work-life balance

A healthy work-life balance

We believe it's essential to have a clear distinction between work and private life and that people are far more productive when working predictable hours. Overtime is an exception to the rule.

In-house R&D

Remote working options

We offer remote and on-site work arrangements, but you can combine both if that suits you better.

Working schedule flexibility

Working schedule flexibility

Depending on team needs, you can choose your desired starting hours between 8 and 10 AM (CET).

Permanent full-time contract

Permanent full-time contract

We don't hire for the short term, nor use zero-hours or fixed-term contracts. You shall receive a full time, complete benefits employment offer from day one.

In-house R&D

Sponsored professional learning

We subsidise tuition fees, certification, exams and books to help you further your career.

Multi-role options

Multi-role options

Once you've established yourself, you can branch out and take on more responsibilities and commitments, and the choice is up to you. We'll make sure that it happens.

Career switch opportunities

Career switch opportunities

If you find that a different role within the company suits you better, let's talk. We want to work with people who fit the role and are not shoehorned into areas that don't suit them.

In-house R&D

Child and family support

We are aware that being a working parent can be challenging. So, new parents get financial support from the company to make the transition easier, along with annual financial support.

Leadership opportunities

Leadership opportunities

We encourage our people to explore their leadership and management potential. If you're interested, let's talk.

Fully covered sick leave

Fully covered sick leave

Don't worry if you get sick and need some time off to recover. We've got you covered!

Paid bike and car parking

Paid bike and car parking

No matter what kind of vehicle you use to get to work, we ensure that you will have a place to park them.


Our open positions

Sales Consultant (m/f) - Open Application for levels 3-5

Zagreb & Croatia (Hybrid, Remote)
United Kingdom (Remote).

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Additional Information

  • Learn more about our hiring process and career progression plan.
  • We're happy to receive applications for anyone located +/- 3 hours (CET).
  • If you think you'll be a great fit, but can't find your specific role then send us an open application.

The What

We build and operate core insurance software platforms that process more than 100 million dollars of transactions each year.
We automate everything we can.
For things that don't suit automation, we add augmentation.
There's no black box, everything is transparent.

The Who

Intellectually curious. Determined. Precise. Focused.
Sometimes we have many failed attempts before we achieve a successful outcome and we don't reinvent the wheel. If "boring tech" works, we use it.
We have a great back-office team supporting our engineers.
And everything we do resonates with our core values.

The Why

No two days are the same—every day we learn something new.
Our motivation comes from seeing our work make a real difference,
that reinforces our determination and commitment to creating great things.

The Whom

Insurance, specifically Digital Transformation within this sector.
Lloyd's Syndicates, InsurTechs, Mutual Insurers, P&C Insurers, MGAs.
Want to learn more? Read the background.