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How can AuthStack help your business

AuthStack is a host anywhere, Enterprise grade, Single Sign-On (SSO) and Identity Access Management (IAM) System. It assumes responsibility for logging in users to your own, and optionally third party websites and applications.

Rather than managing multiple different logins for each website and application, AuthStack centralises your user identity management so the user only has to login once and maintain one password and profile.

Integration with AuthStack requires no custom coding if your website or application already supports SAML. If SAML is not supported we provide a Connector Framework, free of charge. We can also help you integrate the Connector if required.

There is also no need to migrate your existing user database(s). AuthStack bundles with a Connector Framework which can communicate with any data source, whether that's LDAP, MySQL, SOAP, REST API, etc, to check credentials from existing user databases. Written using the latest PHP standards and combined with the Laravel Framework.

AuthStack - Single Sign-On and IAM

The authentication flow for users

How AuthStack works

In the above example, when a user attempts to access an application connected to AuthStack, they are first redirected to the AuthStack login page (SAML SSO). When a login is attempted, AuthStack will first check the credentials with a configured authentication source, this can be your existing application or a user database managed by AuthStack. Once logged in, they are then redirected to back to the application. Multi-Factor authentication can be configured, which will also challenge the user during the login process.

After successfully logging in, if the user attempts to access additional applications connected to AuthStack, assuming they have adequate permission, they are automatically logged in. This process is known as Single Sign-On.

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Why centralising your user and app management is great business practice

Enhanced Customer Journey

Enhanced Customer Journey

There's nothing more frustrating for your users than having to create a new login for each and every website and application. Not only is it time consuming, but to remain secure and compliant each application needs to force certain password policies, validate emails and maintain up-to-date user data. This creates additional overhead for both your company and your users. AuthStack requires your users to login once and then they can access all permitted websites and applications.

Upselling, Cross-selling and New Market Opportunities

Upselling, Cross-selling and New Market Opportunities

Existing users of AuthStack can automatically login to new websites and applications which they are granted access to. This process is called auto-provisioning, which is seamless to the user. Connect business partners and additional services with minimal investment, then promote these new services to your existing user base.

Improved Security and Traceability

Improved Security and Traceability

With one centralised place to manage apps and users; security controls, logging, auditing and management are significantly simplified. Gain a deeper insight into app usage, behaviour and security with provided reporting tools. Most importantly, from your user's perspective, they only need to manage one password and optionally, one Multi-Factor device. AuthStack can send logs to a variety of endpoints and support reporting engines such as AWS QuickSight and ElasticSearch.

Centralised User Management

Centralised User Management

AuthStack can plug-in to your existing user database (AD/LDAP/MySQL), or become the new centralised user database. Quickly manage provisioning and deleting of user(s) and their permissions, manage passwords, multi-factor devices and run reports from a single location. Grant granular access to applications and optionally obfuscate certain data which you send to third party service providers.

Centralised App Management

Centralised App Management

Single Sign-On facilities by AuthStack, integrate with thousands of applications with no coding, in a matter of minutes. Easily add and remove internal and third party apps and have one central database for your users to access with no additional signups. Optionally, add apps with built in Federation support. For our technical readers; map attributes between systems using a simple GUI tool and configure user database lookups on a per application basis.

Key Features of AuthStack

Provides Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On facilities with SAML support. Integrate with thousands of applications with no coding, in a matter of minutes and use existing user databases. See a list of supported applications.

Multi Factor Authentication

Enhance security by adding Multi-Factor Authentication during login; supporting all major 2-Factor devices, such as Google Authenticator and Yubikey's.

Host Anywhere, not SaaS

AuthStack is designed for security conscious Enterprises who wish to retain complete control of their data. AuthStack can be hosted On-Premise or in the Cloud, no multi-tenancy.


AuthStack operates under your own domain and provides various white label and templating options. Easily change the look and feel with basic HTML and CSS changes.


Management facilities are available via a comprehensive GUI for configuration and administration. There is also support for self-provisioning and automatic deployments.


Built using the latest, scalable web technology, AuthStack can work in both small and large environments, able to scale as required and operate within a Cloud or local environment.

Some of the popular applications AuthStack supports

Some of the popular applications AuthStack supports

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