Buckhill's donation to the Croatian Institute for Brain Research (CIBR)

At Buckhill, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to drive progress in areas such as data science. We are happy to announce a significant milestone - the integration of data science resources into the Croatian medical sector. 

The Croatian Institute for Brain Research (CIBR) is a reputable scientific and educational institution under the umbrella of ZSM, specialized in multidisciplinary scientific research in the domain of basic and clinical neuroscience. In the past decade, the CIBR has led the most extensive research programs in Croatia and is the only institution that organizes doctoral studies in the field of neuroscience. 

As the CIBR is dedicated to advancing brain research, so are we passionate about the integration of machine learning and data science into contemporary research and work. In this spirit, Buckhill has donated an NVidia CUDA graphics card (GPU) to the Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Andrija Stajhudar currently overseeing various projects at the CIBR. This GPU will enable cutting-edge research to be performed, including the analysis of MRI images and the development of machine learning models that analyze brain tissue at ultra-high resolutions. 

Dr. Štajduhar, who will oversee the use of the GPU, emphasized its key role in opening up new opportunities in the field of neuroscience and medicine. He emphasized that the GPU will significantly speed up data processing and enable the application of sophisticated algorithms. The use of this GPU has particular importance in the field of deep learning and is crucial in image processing and the development of predictive models, which results in the creation of more accurate and realistic models of the functioning of the human brain. The new partnership between Buckhill and the CIBR is an example of successful collaboration between the public and private sectors in advancing scientific research and highlights the invaluable contribution of the CIBR. The integration of GPUs into current and future projects at the CIBR will serve as a reminder that technology and science can be powerful agents of change and can leave a lasting impact on humanity. 

This developing partnership also hides a poignant back story. Stuart Buckell, founder of Buckhill, and Dr. Štajduhar shared a deep bond that matured through years of discussions about the intersection of science, technology, and medicine. The GPU donation will be dedicated to their dear friend and mutual collaborator who recently passed away from a brain tumor. With this donation, we honor Dr.sc. Tomislav Lipić, and his passion for scientific research and dedication to improving the quality of life through technological progress. Research results will be shared with the global scientific community through peer-reviewed journals and conferences, 

Furthermore, we at Buckhill are committed to investing 10% of our annual profits in charitable causes in line with our core values and are proud to include HIIB in this initiative. We send our best wishes to the CIBR as they continue their groundbreaking work in human brain research. We eagerly await the publication of their research results and look forward to celebrating this important partnership. 

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Published by: Natasha Rajak

Published on: 10.11.2023