How We at Buckhill Foster a Culture of Lifelong Learning

Amid the fast pace of technological advances and evolving industry demands, we at Buckhill have prioritized and embraced a culture of continuous learning to ensure that each team member remains engaged and has the right opportunities to develop throughout their professional journey. In doing so, we nurture a forward-thinking innovation culture where curiosity is not just encouraged but expected.

Here are some ways in which we facilitate learning at Buckhill:

Our Sponsored Learning Courses and Certifications:

We acknowledge that our employees across departments may have diverse interests and learning requirements, aligned with their respective fields of work.

To accommodate their unique needs, Buckhill sponsors a wide array of courses to ensure that everyone on the team is equipped with the most relevant skills, qualified tools, and tested expertise in order to advance personally as well as to add value to Buckhill and continue to deliver quality work to our clients.

For example:

  • Project Managers have opportunities to get certified in Jira, Agile, and Azure, while our DevOps team enjoys sponsored AWS and Azure certification programs.

  • HR and Admin teams excel with both Excel certifications and Gestalt Education sponsorship, as well as being sent to informative and enriching conferences on improving practices and company culture

  • Designers are encouraged and supported with Gestalt Psychology Education courses in UX and UI Design, accompanied by enriching masterclasses.

  • The Marketing Team elevates their proficiency through Google Digital Garage certifications, and

  • Developers are actively encouraged to participate in boot camps, diverse learning events, and hackathons to continually refine their skillset.

As we keep up with the changing tech landscape – we offer certifications in various tools and skillsets as they come along, ensuring that we are capable and trained in using the best and latest technology.

Furthermore, we provide our Buckhill staff with the unique opportunity to engage in learning courses separate from their relevant positions, on the occasion that they choose to change careers – a choice we support and encourage.

The Buckhill Book Club:

Buckhill Book Club serves as a collaborative platform for accessing and discussing literature on the topics of technology, leadership, and innovation. This is an effective way to encourage learning progression in a comfortable and pleasurable way. By sharing insights gained from these readings, we enhance our collective knowledge as a company and strengthen team cohesion.

Our commitment to learning at Buckhill is a strategic investment in our workforce. Through sponsored courses, certification support, and the Book Club, we aim to develop a team that is proficient in navigating the complexities of the industry and prepared to take on the challenges tomorrow.

Learning isn't just encouraged at Buckhill; it's an integral part of our professional ethos.

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Published by: Natasha Rajak

Published on: 31.01.2024

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