Managed AWS Cloud

As AWS Certified Partners we provide jargon free, fully managed AWS Cloud services for companies looking to utilise the flexibility and cost savings AWS can offer.

With years of practical hands on experience in Cloud computing we are able to guide you from project conception through to delivery and ongoing support.

Whether you are looking to migrate to the Cloud, or use the Cloud as a flexible resource to cope with peak demands, we can assist with planning and execution of the required resources.

We provide a jargon free fully managed service where you describe your goals and we facilitate to realise those goals.

Some of the Managed AWS Cloud services we can provide include:-

  • Migration planning, including moving databases, code bases, and operating systems
  • Setting up Virtual Private Clouds and secure environments
  • Creating automated scripts to deploy systems
  • Deploying highly available environments with no single point of failure, from DNS to load balancers, through to web application servers, database platforms and business intelligence nodes
  • Auto Scale plans and configurations to allow for flexible resources which grow and contract based on the level of user and load concurrency
  • Create content delivery networks and localised access points for your users based in distance continents
  • AWS education for existing IT departments looking to utilise the power of the Cloud
  • Online Active Directory systems and connectors for AWS resources
  • PCI:DSS and ISO27001 compliant infrastructures

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Cloud AWS

Published by: Stuart Buckell

Published on: 13.06.2016