Recap We are Developer’s World Congress 2023 Event with Us

The WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2023 in Berlin was a global convergence of tech titans, where over 12,000 minds united to shape the future of coding and technology. Buckhill, proudly on the frontline, seized the opportunity to make its mark and join the ranks on this international symposium.

The July event showcased a collaborative spirit with discussions led by various speakers on the latest industry trends and innovations, including the future of AI and user privacy. According to a Buckhill colleague, having people who are the keystones of this ecosystem among the speakers made those days unforgettable.

Buckhill's global presence at the event was particularly notable. As a company of 16 different nationalities, over 20 of our employees from around the world traveled to Berlin. Colleagues finally united from stretches as far as Sri Lanka, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, Serbia, and Croatia after working together online for years; igniting a meaningful synergy. It was, as one colleague put it, "great to finally meet the people we've been working with for over a year in an informal setting". The event transcended technology: it was also a vibrant tapestry of connections and shared experiences.

The event additionally entrenched focus on a variety of development-related areas. Another colleague who attended spoke of the diverse range of topics, from software development to psychology in UI improvements. They found the lecture on unlocking the full potential of a remote team particularly captivating and plan to implement those insights in the coming months.

WeAreDevelopers has set a gold standard for creating not just an event but an experience that reignites passion for technology. It's a reminder of why we love this field and why we continually push the boundaries of innovation. With our global footprint firmly in place, we eagerly anticipate more #WeAreDevs experiences in the future, as we continue to leave our indelible mark on the global tech landscape.

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Published by: Natasha Rajak

Published on: 05.12.2023

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