AuthStack Technical Features

Below you can find a comprehensive set of features available in AuthStack. If you can't see a feature you require, or are unsure if your requirement is supported, please let us know and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Identity Management
  • Single Sign-On
  • SAML 2.0 Support
  • Single Log Out (SLO) Support
  • Multiple User Sessions
  • User Session Switching
  • User Self-Service via profile screen
  • App Dashboard for User(s)
User Management
  • User provisioning and management
  • User listing, searching, updating, deleting
  • Support for multiple lookup database types
  • Mapping and query configuration
  • Password management facilities
  • Password reset service
  • Email confirmation service
Identity Provider Configuration
  • Configuration via GUI
  • Dynamic Entity ID
  • Multi-Domain Support
  • Contact Management
  • Certificate Management
  • Dynamic Metadata
  • Create custom attribute mapping sets
Service Provider Configuration
  • SP Configuration via GUI (CRUD)
  • SP listing and search facilities
  • Automatic metadata parsing from URL and raw XML
  • Configurable authentication sources
  • Assign attribute mapping set
  • Preview mapping in simulation mode
  • Specify encryption, digest, transport algorithms
Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Optional MFAStack Integration
  • 2FA challenge during login
  • 2FA key management via GUI for admins
  • Self-Service 2FA key management for users
  • Support for UTF and OTP protocols
    Yubico OTP, OATH-HTOP(RFC-4226) all types, FIDO U2F
  • Support for Yubikey hardware tokens
  • Support for software OTP solutions
    (Google Authenticator, FreeOTP, etc)
  • REST API for 2FA key management
Drivers and Connections
  • Connection Management (LDAP/MySQL)
  • Support for LDAP, LDAPS, MySQL
  • Support for Active Directory
  • Plugin Manager for custom connections
    REST API and other bespoke requirements
  • LDAP attribute mapping
  • Define authentication source per SP
  • Preview and simulation mode
  • Post-authentication filters
    Lookup additional data to include in SAML envelope
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • User Statistics
  • Service Provider Statistics
  • Login Statistics
  • Centralised Logging (all actions logged)
  • Fluentd Integration
  • Support for ElasticSearch, Amazon QuickSight and more
Federation Support
  • Add and remove Federations via GUI
  • Support for large XML file parsing
  • Automatic re-fetching of Federation metadata
  • One-click SP install from within Federation
Deployment and Integration Tools
  • Self-Service Installer via GUI
  • Automation Scripts (Puppet, Ansible)
  • Deployment VMs (Docker, LXE, Amazon AMI, Vagrant)
  • AuthStack Connector Framework (Our Free Service Provider)
Licence Options
  • Developer licence provided free of charge
  • Testing and staging licences 50% discount
  • Annual and monthly options
  • Discounts for start-ups and NGOs/charities
  • Licence management via GUI
  • White label support within frontend templates
  • White label support within email templates
  • Custom domain(s) - sso.yourdomain.com, etc
  • Multi domain support
  • Custom domain per service provider
Technical Support
  • Business hours email support
  • Business hours telephone support
  • SLA upgrade options for Enterprise
  • Optional Installation Services
  • Optional Professional Services for Integrations
  • Optional Server Management

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