C2MS Features & Functionality

Below you can find a comprehensive set of features available in C2MS. If you can't see a feature you require, or are unsure if your requirement is supported, please let us know and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Policy Life-Cycle & Administration
  • Complete Policy Life-Cycle Management
    Quotes through to Renewal and Lapsed
  • Advanced Policy Lookup / Search Facilities
  • Policy Quickview and Dashboard
  • Diary Notes and Tasks
  • Document and Email Generation
  • Document Linking: Quick access to all docs
  • Logging and Auditing Facilities
  • Revision History: Track all changes
  • Email Tracking
  • Accounting Functions
    Reconciliation, Payments, Reporting
  • Payment Facilities: Card, Premium Finance, On-Account
  • Advanced Commission Engine
  • Custom Workflows
  • ...and more
Agent and Broker Management
  • Centralised Database of Agents and Brokers
  • Advanced Lookup / Search Facilities
  • On-boarding workflows and processes
    Approval process, ToBA and Renewals Management
  • FCA information capture for compliance
  • User Management for Broker Portals
  • Linked Accounts for Sub-Accounts / Offices
  • Accounting Integration
    Transactions, Commission, Payments, Statements
  • Bulk Policy Import / Bordereau Management
  • Bulk Payment and Reconciliation
  • Notes and Documents Facilities
  • ToBA and Specialism Management
  • Custom Commission & Product Management
  • Meetings and Review Facilities
  • ...and more
Advanced Security for Data Protection
  • Single Sign-On Support
  • Integration with Active Directory and LDAP
  • 2FA Support; hardware and/or software keys
  • User Self-Service facilities
  • Internal and Customer User Management
Import & Export Tools
  • Bulk Import policies and MTA / cancellation data
  • Bulk Import policy payment data
  • Bulk Import Agents & Brokers
  • Import & Export Products
  • Self-service mapping and data transformation
  • GUI tools for importing and exporting
Powerful Product Configurator
  • Configuration via GUI
  • Flexible Form Builder
    Create simple or complex product data capture forms
  • Distribution Options
    Aggregator, Internal, Portal, B2C, B2B, Bordereau/Scheme
  • Various Configuration Options
    Renewable, MTA, NCD, Cover Period, Grace Period, Commission, Variable Commission and more
  • Mapping and Report Configuration
  • Web Services Mapping
    Integration with third parties, such as postcode, flood, motor reg. lookup and more.
  • Document Management
  • Customisable and default charges
    Inception, MTA, Cancellation, renewal and more
  • Configurable Workflows
  • ...and more
Underwriting Tools
  • Simple and advanced rating functions
  • Logic Engine supporting nested rules
  • Maths engine for rating calculations
  • Matrices and rules tables
  • GUI to manage matrices and equations
  • Third-party 'value' lookup via web services
  • Supporting real-time rate updates
  • Assign different ratings for different channels
  • Assign different ratings on a per agent/broker basis
  • Support for setting ratings in the future
  • Simulation Mode
  • Logging and reporting
  • Aggregator support
  • API for rating services
  • ...and more
  • Double entry accounting core
  • Customisable chart of accounts
  • GUI for management of all accounting functions
  • Dynamic Reporting
    Pre-defined and custom reports
  • Ledgers, Chart of Accounts, Trial Balance
  • Commission Handling
  • Clawbacks, refund & reversal facilities
  • Manual and Automated Journals
  • Policy Deposits
  • Claims Reimbursements
  • Pay Insurer / Bordereau Facilities
  • Pre-defined and custom Workflows
  • ...and more
  • Pre-created reports for common tasks
    Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Debtors, Claims, Renewals, Logs, Agents & Brokers and more...
  • Report Engine supporting complex dynamic reports
  • Export of report data
  • Report Schedling
  • Support for 3rd party tools
    AWS Quicksight / PowerBI and more
  • Support for custom permissions per report
  • Support for dedicated reporting databases
  • Support for Excel Pivot Engine
  • Dashboard with KPI and MI customisable widgets
  • Surfacing of reports to Broker and Claim portal
Claims Management
  • Claims handlers and notifiers permission sets
  • Complete life-cycle, from FNOL through to reimbursement
  • Customisable workflows for claim status progression
  • Diary and Task Integration
  • Document upload facilities
  • Integrated Reports
  • Settlement facilities
  • Standalone Claim Portal for Claim managers
  • Support for C2MS Claims Mobile App
Document Management
  • GUI blocks editor for managing content
  • Creation of documents and emails
    Policy & Claim Docs, B2C / B2B emails and more
  • Workflow enabled document and email engine
    Automatic creation of documents and sending of emails based on certain rules and events
  • Secure document storage and retrieval
  • Documents available to internal users, agents, brokers and consumers where appropriate
  • Documents remain immutable and cannot be changed, only new documents can be regenerated
  • Support for digital signature
Websites and Portals
  • Consumer quote and buy portals (B2C)
  • Broker quote and buy portals (B2B)
  • Aggregator support
    Automatic quote and user creation when landing from an aggregator. API provided for rating services.
  • Supporting the latest HTML standards
    Bootstrap and responsive design for mobile/tablet
Aggregator Support
  • Multi-quote aggregator support
  • Rating Engine API (REST API / JSON)
  • Support for referral management and declines based on quote information and rating criteria
  • Run as a standalone service, able to scale to support any amount of business
  • Real-time pricing updates supported
  • Metrics and reporting data available
  • Supporting both REST and SOAP API services
  • APIs available for core system functions
  • Suitable as a Middleware deployment
  • API security supporting keys and JWT
  • Queuing and messaging system support
Mobile App Technology
  • Surface C2MS functionality via Mobile
  • Claims Mobile App available in all 3 stores
  • Provide to Agents, Brokers and Consumers
  • White label Mobile App design
  • Your Branding in the App Stores
Branding and White Labelling
  • Quote & Buy portals based on Bootstrap
    Provides complete design freedom
  • Custom domain(s) - yourdomain.com
  • Custom branded documents and emails
  • Multi-portal and multi-domain support
  • Supporting responsive design
Backup, DR and Business Continuity
  • Comprehensive backup routines
  • Regular backup and DR checks
  • Optional additional failover system
    In-house failover, Off-Cloud, etc
  • Optional Escrow services
  • Maintain copies of your own data
Hybrid Cloud with Dedicated Resources
  • Dedicated, not shared databases
  • Encrypted data at rest
  • Encrypted channels of communication
  • Optional dedicated instances for services
  • Optional dedicated Virtual Private Cloud
  • Optional hosting In-house within your data centre
Cloud & On-Premise Managed Hosting
  • Fully managed hosting services included
    Optionally manage servers in your data centre
  • Scalable services hosted in the Cloud
  • Managed by Red Hat Certified Engineers
  • High Availability and Multi-Region support
Auditing & Logging
  • All user actions are logged
    Internal and External users
  • Extensive Enterprise logging
    Logs searchable from a centralised database
  • Complete history of diary, task, policy and claim data
Technical Support
  • Business email and telephone support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Optional training services

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