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What is hybrid mobile development and how does it differ to traditional native development?

Hybrid App development is a newer way of developing Apps using a single code base, written using popular web technologies rather than device specific programming languages. The single code base is then compiled for each platform (Google Play, Windows Store, Apple iTunes).

From the user's perspective, most business oriented hybrid Apps operate no differently to native Apps installed on their phone. They install on the device in the same way as native Apps and can be found in the various App stores.

Hybrid Apps are capable of running games, engaging with co-workers and friends, be used to take photos and access local file systems, work offline, use GPS functions and much more.

Under the hood, hybrid Apps use the same technology stack as most websites on the Internet. That is a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The main architectural differences between a website and a hybrid App is that the App itself resides inside a native wrapper application, which utilises the mobile platform's WebView. Using the WebView allows the App to access certain device specific functionality which a browser alone cannot, for example the accelerometer, camera, contacts, GPS and more.

Hybrid Apps can also make use of native UI elements, such as dropdowns and radio buttons; therefore they perform and feel almost identically to native Apps in most contexts.

A native App would be written in operating system specific languages, in this case Android uses a Java based language, Windows uses C# and Apple uses Objective-C. It is rare to find one developer who has mastered all three, so as a business, developing and maintaining cross-platform Apps is often a very expensive and time consuming process. When adding a new feature within a native App, it must be programmed individually per platform, whereas hybrid Apps only need the feature written once, it is then available to all platforms automatically. This also makes testing and quality assurance an easier and more cost effective process.

Design decisions based purely on computing speeds are quickly redundant

In the past, Hybrid Apps did not perform as well as native Apps, in part due to the additional optimisations present within native code, plus hybrid, being a newer concept, needed additional development to reach maturity. However, with major vendors adopting hybrid App development, such as Instagram and BaseCamp, plus the increased speed of mobile devices, the gap has now closed. Therefore, previous design decisions made purely on the basis of speed, are now not necessarily valid.

When we tested with a relatively old iPhone 5, there was no discernible difference in performance between the fully native App, versus an HTML based version. The newer generations of phones are even faster. This is especially relevant within the business domain, where typically information is being presented and collected in a simple format, but this may not be applicable for 3D games, where every ounce of raw speed and graphics optimisations are required to improve the experience. However, for businesses, hybrid HTML based applications provide a much faster time to market, are easier to maintain and are cross-platform capable, meaning different code is not required for different operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows 10).

Why Hybrid Apps are generally a better fit for your business

Simply put, for most businesses, Hybrid Apps provide an affordable, predicable and maintainable solution stack which utilises the same programming languages and skills many developers are already familiar with. Therefore, this cost is passed to our customers in the form of cheaper development, faster lead times, less bugs and better return on investment.

One code base can be deployed across all platforms (Android, Windows, iOS), with only small cosmetic tweaks needed for each platform.

An overview of the Mobile App development services we can provide

Ideas and concepts

During the ideas and concepts phase we discuss and analyse your requirements at a high level, establishing what is possible, timescales and budget. We then research what existing libraries fit the requirements and devise a development plan.


Once the plan has been created, the next step is to begin wireframing. Wireframing tools allow for functionality to be agreed before the design stage commences. This ensures usability and user journeys are correct before moving on.

Design and layout creation

Our resident team of expert designers create a design guide which includes all screens. The end result is a usable mockup of the App which can be run inside a browser and on the mobile device to test concepts and journeys. This is the final approval stage before development begins.


We follow Agile methodology with tasks broken down into milestones, sprints, epics and stories. A dev environment is provided, where our customers can login, manage tickets and review the current state of play. We use multiple branches to handle development, testing and production code.


Performed with a mixture of automated and manual processes, testing includes automated test suites and real phone testing across all platforms. Where regressions are found, tests are created to avoid the same issue returning without being spotted.

Deployment to the App stores

We provide fully managed Store setup for Google, Apple and Microsoft. We setup, configure and deploy Apps, including handling the review process, setting up internal and beta testing, screenshot preparation and final release management.

Deploy to all Stores

One code base, multiple deployments
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Virgin Holidays

"We engaged Buckhill to support the development of our new hybrid mobile app. Buckhill's experience, expertise and adaptable approach enabled us to accelerate our learning and jointly deliver a great app that is now being used by our customers. If you're looking for a development partner then Buckhill are a great choice"

Mark O'Neill
Agile Development Manager
Virgin Holidays


"After seeking technical leadership for our hybrid interactive mobile app we engaged with Buckhill who have now successfully delivered two releases including a technology refresh. Buckhill have proven themselves capable of delivering new functionality in a structured way whilst also being adaptive enough to respond to changes in priority as/when required. A customer centric company who will also take the initiative as required."

Richard Baker
Head of Operations
ExpenSys, UK

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