Buckinghamshire NHS Trust

Buckinghamshire NHS Trust Actus Software

Advance Change Ltd, providers of Actus, implements AuthStack to provide a secure and seamless web application login experience for the Buckinghamshire NHS Trust.

About Actus

Since its inception, Actus has been one of the pioneers of Performance Management technology in the UK, having won several business and technology sector awards recognising its achievements. The ultimate goal of the team who are responsible for Actus, has always been to harness technology and introduce behaviour changes, which help overcome people and performance challenges and drive performance improvement and engagement.

User Access and Embedding Security - The Challenge

The main challenges for both Actus and the Bucks NHS Trust, were:

  1. How to enable the Trust to seamlessly and securely access Actus from inside the Trust's internal network;
  2. For the Trust to retain full access control to Actus via its Active Directory;
  3. For Trust employees to login to Actus with the same username and password they use to login to their computers;
  4. To ensure a cost effective implementation and minimize operating costs

How AuthStack Solved The Challenge

Buckhill, on behalf of Actus, implemented AuthStack in such a way that it now provides the Buckinghamshire NHS Trust with self-hosted, Identity Access Management and Single Sign-On services. This quickly solved the user access and embedded security challenges presented by the project.

Buckhill engaged directly with the Trust's IT team, providing additional guidance which ensured a seamless integration process.

Employees of the Buckinghamshire NHS Trust now enjoy a seamless login experience into Actus, and the Trust's IT department can ensure they have total control over employee access and that their connections are secure.

AuthStack also contributes to employee productivity by reducing the number of login related support requests, that often attributed to user access related issues.

Lucinda Carney, CEO

AuthStack comes highly recommended. We worked together under very tight timescales to deliver. The highlights were the expert help and guidance provided. Working in partnership with us, the Buckhill team really went the extra mile to support our customer.

Lucinda Carney
CEO, Actus Software

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